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Schreiner University offers courses leading to a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree in Graphic Design. Graphic Design is the industry recognized term for the ever-expanding field of visual arts and design. This comprehensive undergraduate program is noted for its real-world experiences, by introducing students to client work in graphic design courses. Intended to prepare them for working professionally as designers after graduation, the Visual Arts Department seeks to provide students a wide spectrum of knowledge and skills relative to visual communications across a variety of print and electronic based medium.

The Visual Arts Department seeks to provide students an environment contributing to creative research, analysis and problem solving relative to universal principles of design, while incorporating marketable technical skills utilized by communication designers today through exploration of traditional and emerging visual art and design media. Students begin taking courses within their major during the first semester; art and design faculty work closely with students throughout their coursework and advising them along the way. Students are encouraged to develop an interdisciplinary approach to learning by recognizing the many relationships existing between the visual arts and other disciplines.

The student group of AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) provides leadership, networking, and career development opportunities. The department facilitates cognitive and creative growth outside of the classroom by offering significant travel opportunities to its majors. Most noteworthy is a summer study abroad experience in Florence, Italy, in addition to department sponsored regional and national trips to museums, cultural events, and professional organizations. All majors are required to engage in a professional internship, and write a senior thesis that guides the production and exhibition of a senior show