Esme Ovalle-Flores

The Art of Traveling

Traveling is an essential part of life because not only are we exposed to new cultures, we can increase self-confidence, try new foods, and explore new places. A recent study compared 974 people going on vacation to 556 people not going on vacation. Each group received a questionnaire, those who went on vacation were asked to rate how happy they were during their vacation. The study concluded by stating those who went on vacation were happier than those who did not go on vacation. There are also many benefits to traveling. Some benefits include tasting local foods, meet new people, and improving social and communication skills.


Oasis is a travel magazine that informs people of locations one may not know. Issue five of the Oasis magazine displays Guadalajara, a city in Mexico. The articles inside this issue helps the public understand more about Guadalajara. There is also a helpful list on how to plan a trip and a checklist of things to pack when going on a vacation. Inside the magazine is also articles about other suggested locations one can visit. 

Oasis Magazine Covers

There are currently six different issues of Oasis. Each poster contains an illustration of a place around the world. The first issue focuses on La Boca, Argentina. La Boca consists of colorful buildings that are illustrated on the cover. The second issue of Oasis is all about Greece. The third issue is about Poland and the things one can do in Poland. The fourth issue of Oasis is all about Indonesia. The fifth issue of Oasis is about Guadalajara and the sixth issue is about Laos.

Postcards and Calendars

I have created some postcards and calendars of each magazine cover. Feel free to download the file and print them out!



Suggested Destinations


Best time to visit:


Things to see/do:

Zen gardens, temples, and Shinto Shrines in Kyoto.

Sculptures and contemporary works in Naoshima in the Inland Sea.

Mount Fuji


Sashimi: Raw fish slices served with soy, wasabi, and preserved daikon radish.


Shochu: National spirit of Japan.

Sake: Japanese rice wine. Served hot, infuses the senses.


Best time to visit:

Any time: when it’s cold down south it’s warm up north.

Things to see/do:

See a concert, dance, or theatrical performance at the Sydney Opera House.

Whitsundays islands on the Great Barrier Reef.

Surf at Bondi.


Fresh rock oysters


Craft beer

Local wines


Best time to visit:


Things to see/do:

Newfoundland’s Northern Peninsula: Icebergs, craggy cliffs and Viking artifacts.

Banff National Park

Wildlife: Black bears, grizzly bears, and moose.


Fresh seafood

Poutine: French-fries with gravy and cheese curds.


Wines from Okanagan Valley in Southern British Colombia.

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