Senior Show Exhibitions

In response to  COVOID-19 and our temporary reformatting of the delivery of courses:
A LITTLE BACKGROUND: Our seniors work on developing a thesis, based around art and design starting in the fall semester in Portfolio class. They continue the work straight through the spring semester in the Senior Project class. This is the pinnacle moment for them as designers, to showcase and market their work, gain exposure in the immediate and expanded community, network with professionals, and continue the promotion of themselves and their work as professionals seeking employment. Our normal format for the show resides with a partnership with the Kerr Arts and Cultural Center (KACC). The scheduled hanging of the show was March 30th and the opening on April 4th (now canceled of course). The Visual Arts Department faculty conferenced and brainstormed… and we believe the best option, at this time, is to allow the senior project students to develop their exhibitions for an online environment. This is in an effort to provide a public platform showcasing our students’ work and mitigate health issues with having a public showcase. We cannot ask our students to physically produce their projects and hang their show in a public gallery due to the current limitations set in place. We want to support these health and safety initiatives while also continuing to guide and support our graduating design majors.
Senior Project: Moving to an online presentation format
The viewing audience will now be able to experience the work of our talented seniors. Each student will showcase their work and provide information about their thesis topic. We invite you to view their individual pages and visit their personal portfolio sites!