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Are You Ready To…?

  • Be a creative thinker
  • Discover many applied design/art disciplines
  • Study the history of design
  • Show your work
  • Work with real world clients
  • Put together a portfolio
  • Spend long hours in the studio

Students who major in Communication Design are visual thinkers and learn what it takes to communicate ideas and information effectively — no matter what art form you’re using.

Schreiner University’s Communication (Graphic) Design BFA program is the gateway to a variety of exciting and rewarding careers. Communication Designers evaluate a strategic problem or goal using market research, aesthetic judgment and creativity to develop an effective design solution in appropriate media. Graduates of our program have careers as award-winning package designers, illustrators, web designers, animators, advertising designers, and many other areas—and they have moved into leadership positions.

Schreiner’s strong liberal arts core supplies students a broad cultural background that is vital for all communication professions. You will build upon a strong foundation of theory and have plenty of opportunity to build the practical skills you’ll need to work in the field, Schreiner’s Communication Design students work with real-world clients while taking their upper level design courses.

Just a thought… If you want to sample many arts now and specialize later, this major may be a good way to go.

It helps to be… Artistic, versatile, and open-minded. You will study many art forms in Communication Design and even be able to add depth into your studies with topic specific courses — and even minor in photography.


Major in Arts Management and Administration

Do you want to prepare for a career managing galleries, art museums, studios, arts foundations, and similar organizations? With Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Arts Management and Administration you will learn how to manage everything from people to finances. Courses also cover marketing and fundraising, event promotion, public relations, arts advocacy (promoting the value of the arts), and laws related to the arts. A student will learn the operational fundamentals of arts organizations, while also choosing a specialization in a specific arts area (music, theater, or visual arts).

Graduates of this degree are prepared to seek entry level careers in areas such as development and donor relations, marketing, audience development, public relations, artistic programming, volunteer coordination, arts education, and advocacy. This program will prepare a new generation of engaged managers who, through critical inquiry, creative thinking, and business and communication skills, will support the arts and entertainment industry in a changing global environment. Our program prepares students to combine the tools of business—management, marketing, financial accounting, operations, negotiation—with the tools of community-building—fundraising, development, education, outreach, volunteerism, partnership—to make thriving and vital spaces for arts and culture.

Minor in Photography

Do you enjoy taking pictures of people? How about the landscape? Do you want to create your own compositions using light and the camera? Is photography an art form? Can a photograph created for business purposes, such as an advertisement, ever transcend commerce and become art? As a photography minor, you’ll explore such ideas.

With a minor in this field you will practice the art of photography. You’ll learn the basics of composition, color balance, and the use of light. You’ll also experiment in the darkroom, practicing a range of techniques to control the way your image impacts the viewer. At Schreiner, our photography minor is based in both traditional and digital principles and techniques. Coursework will emphasize camera basics, aesthetics, printing basics, current software, concept, and application.