Maria Neuman

The Purrfect Pour

Intimacy is a highly marketable idea for many cat cafes in the United States as many people deal with a great sense of loneliness due to reasons regarding their mental health, financial situations, and having great stress from having a busy urban life. Loneliness itself compels those to yearn for an emotional connection. To solve this issue, my thesis explores the unique marketing tools many cat cafes use such as: color theory research, advertisements, social media, personality quizzes, and creating a warm and comfortable social environment. These marketing tools helps people to feel at ease in these cafes. So then, they can focus on creating meaningful and long lasting relationships with adoptable animals.

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The Purrfect Pour’s Identity Packaging

The following projects are (1) The cafe's business cards, (2) an advertisement for their adoption event, (3) a table tent, (4) The cafe's postcards, and (5) The Purrfect Pour shop signage. Each of these projects highlights the marketing tactics mentioned in my own thesis where I wanted each piece to gravitate to a target demographic made up of both children & parents. In addition, these projects helps to promote the cafe in various way (promoting their drinks, adoption events, logo and contact & location information). So then, their cafe name can become more recognizable in their local community. 

5 Feline Personality Types Brochure

This brochure highlights the information needed for new pet owners as they are taking their new pet home. Information includes the five different types of personality types (1) Neuroticism, (2) Impulsiveness, (3) Extrovertedness, (4) Agreeableness, and (4) Openness to help out which category the owner's pet personality fits best in. In each category, there are solutions that will help improve the owner's house environment to best suite the cat's personality. So then, the pet owner can create a comfortable environment for their feline to thrive in. 

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