Lilian Bomba

By Lilian Bomba

Growing up I always wanted to work on fashionable clothing focused on unique and comfortable styles that anyone regardless of gender identity could wear. Now with Twin Tails I am working to hopefully bring a bit of history, culture, and gender neutrality to modern clothing which is something I found sorely lacking in our society while growing up.

When designing our winter outfit for 2021 we looked back to the mid-renaissance, the 1980s, and the 1990s. Our shirt was designed after women’s and men’s clothing from the renaissance period which largely had puffed up sleeves in the upper classes for easier movement. Our vest was designed to reflect a mens vest from the 1980s which is when vest were a bit loose allowing for wearers to appear more androgynous. Our pants with a half-skirt built in were inspired by the fashion movements of the 1990s into the early 2000s where pants tended to be a bit looser on the wearer and half skirts were just beginning to appear.

Our clothing patterns so you know where your clothes begin before even the first stitch was placed.

Our winter outfit for 2021 is not only fashionable but are made of warmer materials such as wool and velvet. Velvet was used because it is often thought as a fabric to be worn by women and is more often than not tightly made. Wool, often another feminine fabric, was used on a vest designed after an 80s mens vest to blend usually separated social conventions. Our pants were made with cotton to be comfortable and easy to move in with a skirt that fall naturally and is never stiff.

Summer of 2021 was one of our favorite outfits to work on yet. Designed off of the flowing clothes of the 60s, and 70s and popular 90s trends from Japan, this is easily one of the most unique outfits in our collection. Our shirt was designed to sit light against the skins without weighing down on you on those hot summer days. For the shorts we focused on keeping them breathable and off the skin to allow you to feel the air against you and sweat far away.

Our clothing patterns so you know where your clothes begin before even the first stitch was placed.

For our summer outfit we thought that only one material was fit for the job; linen. Linen is light, soft, water-water-reistant, and extremely breathable making it perfect for summer hikes, walks on the beach, or just hanging out around the house. Along with that our shirt can be used to cover up while you swim if you prefer keeping the sun at bay while you’re out at play.

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