Destiny “Paige” Garcia

Hello World

The Author made Designers Dilemma

This exhibition is about books and how they go about getting known by an average reader. The books chosen are YA Dystopian with a target demographic of middle school pre-teens to freshmen in high school. Below is a scenario of how someone might go about a discovery of the books and how readers can become the biggest pushers for the product through passion.

You are a thirteen-year-old kid looking for a new book to read. You’ve read “The Hunger Games”, “Maze Runner”, and “The Giver” and are looking to keep on this dystopian reading cycle. That’s when you see it. Turning the bend to the next bookshelf, a soft pink poster “UGLIES”. You remember a youtuber you follow talking about upcoming releases. None of the books mentioned sparked any interest but now you’re curious.  

You pull out your phone and google… Scott Westerfeld was it? His Instagram and Twitter come up and you start with Instagram and there the second newest post. It’s an ad to pre-order the fourth book. You like and follow then head over to Twitter. Oh, look he reblogged an ad to a book signing at a bookstore that… oh. That’s the bookstore at the outlet mall! It looks like it’s in two weeks and there will be a book signing!  

Well, before anything you think you should read the first book to see if it’s worth asking your parents to go. Westerfeld…. wes… wes you mutter under your breath as you head down the aisles of books looking at the spines. Then the bright pink jumps out at you, then the green, and blue. All lined up the spines create a little city scape. Pulling out the pink one you notice the gold foiling on the makeup brush.  

Curious of the secondary cover you open the book in a way to look at it without pulling off the tape the library used to secure dust jackets to their books. It’s this bluish black with a gold foiled compact stamped on the front cover. Resolving to read the books and see if a book signing would be worth your time. 

A week later you’re talking to a friend about the book series and how “no really; it’s really good” and  that she “really has to read it”. You want her to go to the book signing with you. So because you guys like similar stuff and she’s your friend she goes and get the first book on Audible.  

The day is here! Your mom drops you and your friend off at the event she said she was going to go look at books more her taste. They are selling the newest book for the author to sign. You and your friend get in line and soon your drawing close to the front. Clutching the money your mom gave you for the book you see that the store is taking pre-orders for the box set. It comes with one of two keychains exclusive to in store orders. You’ll ask your mom when she comes back if you can get the box set you determine.  

Then you’re handing over the money and once the store clerk hands you back the change your move up in line and there he is! Scott Westerfeld! “What’s your name?” You say your name a little too loud then softer “I really like the first three books and can’t wait till your next series.” He gives you a thanks and hand you back the greenish blue book and tells you to pick up a bookmark before you go. There are six different ones, and you pick the gold one with the symbols from hardbacks and go looking for your mom once your friends pick out her own bookmark. 

A month later your back at the mall to pick up the box set you pre-ordered. As you go into the store you see the display of books and hanging next to them are tote bags. You notice the gold bag with the camera on it and turn to ask your mom if you can have it and she says, “Yes but only one.” Turning back around you see there are two more designs and after a minute of debating you settle on the pink/blue on with the quote from the first book. At the counter you pay for the bag and put your new book set into the bag. 

As depicted in this scenario the life of a book lives and dies by publicity it gets. Whether by word of mouth, social media, or seeing a poster in a library can determine if a consumer will invest time and money into the product which itself can spawn merchandise.

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