Autumn Rowlands

Welcome to my exhibit!

This show is entitled POSITIVITEA.

My thesis is centered around marketing. I chose to develope a line of teas and create a distinctive branding strategy. This strategy respects the historical and cultural roots of tea, discusses the health benefits of tea, and celebrates the amazing variety of teas. 

Packaging Design

After the development of my branding, I needed to create the physical packaging for my tea. During my initial research, I found that many of my competitors were marketing eco-friendly and environmentally conscious products. I knew that I would need to create something that would compete with these other brands, and connect with my own brand’s messaging. I chose to implement stackable cardboard containers with the intention of making them recyclable. The image to the left is an example of a product from my tea line.

Educational Poster

There is a lot of information and symbolism behind my design choices that may not be initially obvious to those who are not graphic designers. That is why it is important for my brand to have educational materials that can fill in these gaps. The poster to the right is used to convey the point that tea is an experience that is shared by cultures around the world.