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Major’s Meeting

Thank you to our awesome students for joining us at our first major’s meeting of the semester. It was great getting to see so many new faces! Thank you to our AIGA executive board for their presentation and for introducing themselves as well as for discussing some fun upcoming events. We will keep you posted on the events and activities. Make sure to follow our Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest pages. And we were so grateful for Jenney Ruby, SUVisualArts graduate from spring 2015 for speaking to the group. We very much appreciate your insight and for sharing your experience with James Avery in the “real world”!

AIGA National Conference

The AIGA National Conference is QUICKLY approaching! Several faculty members and five ComDes majors will be traveling to Las Vegas in October to enjoy fellowship and be awed and inspired by the likes of Sean Adams, Dana Arnett, Diogenes Brito, and many more… as well as to watch – live and on stage – AIGA’s Command X!